Our Research and development team is constantly on the go, bringing in new technologies for optimizing our production process.

After importing and experimenting with machines from Japan, South Korea and China, we now possess a line of specially modified tea color sorters. These guarantee production of the cleanest Orthodox teas without any loss in the tea leaf’s bloom, quality or tip content.

Our in house engineers have designed and fabricated special sorting machines and ‘winnowers’, which help us sort and grade our teas without any human intervention. This helps avoid contamination by hand and also guarantees better leaf appearance.

The company realizes that tea isn't just a beverage. We believe that tea is a luxurious indulgence; and so utmost care is taken to ensure that the manufacturing process adheres to the strictest levels of SGS HACCP as well as ISO 22000 standards.

For the same reason of Quality check, the company has invested heavily in upgrading its factory floors. Now most of the factory area is either under tiles or under food grade (BASF) Ucrete flooring.

All the factories have automated manufacturing lines which further limits chances of human contamination and assures a high standard of finished product day after day, year after year

MKSEL was the first company in Assam to install coal-fired steam boilers, in their Tea Estates. This ensured better efficiency in utilization of coal and electricity, helping the company in being environmentally responsible.

MKSEL has installed unique, State of art, field fertilization policies. These ensure minimum wastage of fertilizers and efficient intake of nutrients by the plant’s root system.

Fertigation is when fertilization of the plant takes place simultaneously with irrigation, through the drip lines. This is a fully automated system and requires no more than 2 personnel manning over 100 hectares of area.

MKSEL has a strong Research and Development team led by Mr. Raj Berry. They have successfully created two new tea clones, MK1 and MK3. These are high yielding bushes with thick pubescence of the bud, that result in better quality and tippy teas.

In order to minimize usage of harmful chemicals, no blanket spraying is ever carried out. “Search and Destroy” operation methods are diligently practiced. In these operations, only the small affected areas are isolated and fogged, in order to treat the disease before it spreads.

M.K. Shah Exports Limited is the first company in India to have over 120 hectares of planted tea area under drip irrigation and fertigation.

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