Each estate under MKSEL has been equipped with a hospital.

Preventive measures
are taken to curb potential outbreak of diseases.

For example:

The main objective is to put a check on the general health and hygiene standards of the Estate employees.

MKSEL also provides for protective clothing, gloves, mosquito nets, weather-suitable footwear, blankets and basic necessities for the work force.

Free education

is provided to all the children of the plantation workforce.

There are limitations to a child’s growth in remote areas. We attempt to encourage young minds, to explore their avenues of interest.

Computer training centers
keep the students up to date with global trends. Even adults are welcome to sign up and improve their current job prospects.

Training camps
offer estate employees with opportunities for promotions and higher-wage management positions.

The main objective is to educate and inform the rural population, and broaden their perspective. We do all that we can to ensure their personal development and arm them with knowledge that could lead to a better standard of living.

Food grains, rice, and pulses are made available at specially subsidized rates, on a weekly basis, to all estate employees.

MKSEL also ensures a few basic necessities for the comfort of their employees.

is supplied daily to all plantation workers, for day to day usage.

is regularly supplied free of cost, during the winter months.

The main objective is to achieve optimum employee satisfaction.

we have an aggressive approach for dealing with the rising threats of Deforestation.

Shade Trees
Young tea bushes are never planted alone in the fields.

The tea plant needs diffused sunlight, and these shade trees prove to be the perfect filter.

All estates have widespread planting of shade trees to provide budding tea bushes with the perfect green canopy.

The main objective is to curb deforestation. The worldwide concern of deforestation leading to an alarming increase in global temperatures, only spells disaster for a delicate produce such as tea. Apart from shade trees, MKSEL regulates and maintains conserved woods where unethical felling of trees is strictly prohibited.

Free housing colonies

are provided for the workforce.

Subsidized electricity
is supplied to the housing colonies for everyday requirements.

Central creche
Is established to benefit young mothers. A lot of the workforce comprise of women, especially the tea pluckers in the estates.

We have provided for crèche facilities in all our plantations. Here, mothers can leave their children during work hours, under constant supervision.

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